Bulgaria's Daughter
James BraveWolf
For those who honor the Northern Light there is an Obligation they must keep-an Obligation to an unseen Bridge, that though invisible is completely real. The Obligation tells them that they must do all they can to keep the Bridge intact, so that others may find it and cross it. For this sacred Bridge connects the physical world with the supernatural world-It is the bridge to God.
It is an Obligation that so many Souls have defended over the epochs of time. The Obligation is not an imprisonment, or the tragic fate of a soldier fighting a lost cause. The Bridge offers a reward to those who are truly honorable. In the act of remaining loyal to the Obligation, transcendence into awakened immortality at the moment of death is bestowed upon the worthy. 
But it is not a simple thing to remain faithful to the Obligation. There are those who hate the Bridge that connects our world with the sacred unseen Holy essence. They are called the Masters of Decay. They have rejected the Bridge. They work tirelessly to conceal the Bridge from us. They wear many masks, and speak so many languages, and with their hatred for all that is sacred they have created a demonic energy that is sweeping over the earth-a perverted energy that attacks all who do not bow down to it and willingly offer their Souls and dreams to its horrific jaws. Selfishness and Jealousy are the followers of the Masters of Decay--who each day attack the Bridge with such vicious ferocity and cunning that the human beings have come to believe that there is no Bridge, bathed in northern Light that connects us to our sacred spiritual homeland.
And so it is not so easy to simply say you wish to protect the Bridge and honor the sacred Obligation. There come a thousand tests. 
Within the city of Sofia, a young Bulgarian girl named Lilia heard the calling of the Obligation. But her life had been torn apart by a father who worshipped the Masters of Decay--and who deserted his family for another woman. He followed the lies that told him a new woman would make him more of a man. He forgot that what makes a man is his honor and loyalty to his family. Without this he is nothing. He is less than nothing. He is a slave to the Masters of Decay who rejoice when another man or woman betrays a trust and becomes lost in the sexual thrill-these Masters of Decay who sell Bulgarian infant children to laboratories for their body parts.
Lilia felt as if a poisoned sword had wounded her. She felt ashamed that her father had deserted his family for another woman. She felt that the mark of shame was on her, and her alone--that her father's betrayal had somehow made her inferior to all the other children. And this mark, though non-existent, she believed could be seen wherever she went, and whomever she met. And because of her shame, and because of her hurt, she could have easily obeyed the call of bitterness and jealousy. She could have become converted to the Masters of Decay and rushed downward through the glittering artificial lights and the throbbing, mind-numbing sounds that awaited her in places like Paris and Boston, London and New York. She could have rejected being a sacred daughter of Bulgaria. She could have betrayed herself. 
But Lilia, in her Soul, knew the temptations of the Masters of Decay. She knew they had convinced so many others in Sofia into betraying the Bridge. And she knew that loneliness could let the evil into her Soul. And if that happened and she lost connection with the Northern Light, all that would await her would be a darkened cavern of isolation and true Soul death-a cavern built by the Masters of Decay that hungers to shred the sacred Bridge and replace it with a sterile Road of Emptiness, that leads not to transcendence but to degradation and to horror.
And what is wrong with Paris and Boston, New York and London, you ask? And I tell you that these places, and so many others just like them, are where the aura of sex is what is valued most by the Masters of Decay. Women are judged worthy or unworthy by the glow of promiscuous sex. And if you have it, if you give yourself and your dignity away, you rise. You are chosen for jobs and for friendship. You are judged by the Masters of Decay as someone who is modern, as someone of value and sophistication. And so the Slav, who does not naturally possess this twisted aura, must turn from her own Soul and lose herself in order to find her place with the Masters of Decay. 
But this sexual promiscuity is a false power. There is a great weakness within those who have taken on this aura. Others hunger for only their sexual energy, and so to be wanted the women develop only this twisted sense of themselves, and let their true selves wither and die. They see that the Masters of decay reward them for their promiscuity and their betrayal of their Slavic nature-but they do not see what is being stolen from them. They are no longer clean. They are no longer connected to their Souls, of what they could have been, before they learned to make this sex aura their only character and personality. They are empty inside-and once the Masters of Decay find another, a younger female with a greater glow of sex, they who have dedicated their whole beings to becoming this twisted New Human, will be left behind with loneliness, for they can no longer see the Bridge of God.
But Lilia spit out this disease spread by the Masters of Decay. She chose instead the mountain path upwards into deep northern winter and toward the Light. And on this path there is no place to hide, as there is in the downward rush of the Tyranny--no places to lose oneself, no alcohol or drugs to forget one's pain and loss. No flashing lights of a far off Parisian discotheque, or a stranger's bedroom. Lilia chose the path among snowdrifts and ice that leads to the Bridge made of pure northern Light. And day-by-day she kept her Bulgarian nature alive. When she remained clean as she became a young woman, rejecting temptation, this daughter of Bulgaria began to see the sacred Bridge. Day after day, upward and northward, she climbed into the Arctic mountain wind of Bulgarian history. And there before the Bridge, in the frozen wind, she heard the echoes of what human beings once were. And she saw invisible monuments of the sacred spiritual Aristocracy of earth. She saw the Supreme Identity of herself. She saw that she was a Soul. And then the divine sun burst forth and deep inside her Soul, Lilia felt the glow of the Northern Light and knew it was immortal warmth. And then she took her step onto the Bridge. And she felt her Soul on fire. She felt herself explode from her flesh and rise high into the sky. And from her Soul she screamed, "You are wrong, father! I will not follow your path-not now. Not ever! I will never be a slave to the Masters of Decay!" 
Flying high in cold white Bulgarian mountains, there amid the ancient snow-frosted evergreens, silent and awesome in their strength, she knew the correctness of her decision. And without realizing it she had became a member of the Sacred Aristocracy of the Northern Light. 
And today, this daughter of Bulgaria knows the truth. She willingly defends the bridge. She loyally, without complaint over the cost, loyally spiritualizes the world with her quiet honor and Slavic modesty. She creates a healing ambience for those whom she loves. She makes the world alive and nurturing, instead of barren and evil. And I should know, for she is my wife.
Lilia, and the other daughters of Bulgaria, born and not yet born, are the soldiers who, in the end, will slay forever the Masters of Decay. Simply by honoring and expressing their natural Slavic Souls.
The End
Copyright James BraveWolf 2001