The Magic Of The Power
James BraveWolf

Long ago, before the Decay began to spread deep into the marrow of so many of the cultures of the world, the Magic of the Power was understood and honored. From the Rila mountains to the Tyrolese Alps, from the sacred mountains of the Apache Indian to Japan's stoic Fujiyama, the Magic of the Power led tribal humans into profound premonitions, instinctual wisdom and physical power. The Magic of the Power provided the key to spiritual evolution, which was the ultimate goal of human tribal life. The Magic of the Power was what helped keep the ancient cultures alive and thriving. It was the binding life force that wove together families and the earth, tribes and the stars, nations and God. The Magic of the Power gave us energy to strengthen ourselves and to dream, and demanded respect for the visible and invisible world. But now, the Decay that is spreading from one nation to the next has torn us away from the Magic -- has purposely kept hidden our natural connection to the Magic of the Power that is so vital to an honorable survival.
Indeed, the Magic of the Power is being purposely kept from the Bulgarians. It was denied to them by their 500-year enslavement at the hands of the Turkish Empire. It was denied to them in 1944 by those demonic materialists, those soulless malevolent wizards of Moscow and London who diabolically connived together to enslave the Slavic world. Today, it is being denied to the Bulgarians by the next generation of Social Engineers, who, behind the bright glare of Western neon city lights and movie theater screens, work to completely obliterate the Slavic race and merge what remains of it into a brainwashed, robotic functionary for the new global financial order.
The only way for the Slavic race to survive, as nations and as individuals, is to merge with, and defend, the Magic of the Power. But it is not so easy to do. The Magic of the Power must be seen and understood, and finally loved. And to begin this understanding we must see where the Magic of Power first came under attack in Bulgaria. The betrayal of the Bulgarians, nay, of all the peoples of the world, began long, long ago with the emergence of the Bogomils.
The Bogomils, a sect of Gnostics that spread from the Middle East into southern Europe, in the time after Christ, sought immense power and domination over the tribes of Europe. They infiltrated Bulgarian society with sinister ideas that were alien to Bulgaria's inner nature, culture, and sincere religiosity. The Bogomils wanted to socially destroy the blooming Slavic world and replace it with a perverted orgy of self-destruction and dependency. These agents of Decay attached themselves to the Royal families of Europe and also came to control the highest intellectual levels of society. They were not simple white-robed monks, or wandering misfits, who sought a life of contemplative peace and who refused to work for religious reasons. The Bogomils were purposely thrust into all nations, all principalities, all tribes of Europe, in order to weaken the social fabric of those groups and thus propel the world into an unending chaotic darkness--whereby their masters would take control. Tribal life was to be reformulated into a more enlightened life way, so that man, descended from the "primordial mud", would be cleansed of natural instincts that kept humankind in "perpetual darkness". This was the great lie to enslave and destroy the strength of indigenous cultures all over Europe. The Bogomils resisted all forms of authority, yet in reality they were part of a wide European movement with powerful adherents in the palaces all over Feudal Europe whose aim was building a global Gnostic empire. 
And the Gnostics never disappeared from Bulgarian culture. They simply reintegrated into it, in different forms, adapting themselves to retain power -- influencing, and perhaps controlling, Bulgarian governments to this very day. They exist in the highest levels of financial and cultural power from Sofia to London, from Brussels to Boston, from Moscow to San Francisco. With the use of the movie and television industry, with books and music, they have created a disposable, cynical world culture where sexual gratification is the be-all and end-all of life. Only when we all understand how the Social Engineers work, can we begin to unite with, and defend, the Magic of the Power. They who work to degrade the world know that there is a great Magic within the Power of our intuition and our common sense. And this Power can be used as a weapon to destroy the Decay and stop It from spreading. 
The goal of the Social Engineers now is to spread the Decay among the world populations until the Decay becomes the accepted norm for social behavior and then is forged into laws that cannot be questioned or altered. This is accomplished through the mind-changing of the young people of each country, by the use of corrupt politicians and professors, writers and financiers who will sell their country out for the sake of a seat at the table of the Decay. 
The economies of nations are used in a most sinister way to castrate resistance to the aims of the Social Engineers. In certain countries, like the United States, they keep the economy healthy, and while the people are fat and full, entertained by the idiocy and vileness of Hollywood's evil outpourings, the Engineers destroy the traditional structure of society by instituting laws that would have been unheard of 50 years ago. Or in the case of Bulgaria, the Engineers destroy the economy and force the nation to be dependent on the world financial elite to survive. 
The Engineers also create a vanguard of internationalist writers and actors, artists and economists, to protect, defend and disguise the process of degeneration, and through the universities they steal the young of every country by turning them into Globalists and anti-nationalists. When the ideology of the Decay becomes law, then they have succeeded in creating a world anew. A world of materialistic and scientific evil. The castration of nurturing. The castration of life and love--the death of honor, the triumph of disease.
I want to tell all Bulgarians that we can be more than victims of a Gnostic conspiracy. We are the miracle of our God's radiating sunshine upon our world. We are the gift become flesh. We, like the wolf and like the hawk, have no imperfection except when we go from our inner nature and thus are distorted beyond recognition -- as the flower is distorted when trampled upon. I want to tell the Bulgarians that the Magic of the Power will make you free. The modern political constructs will not ever do this. You must realize that you can neither go back to the old ways of communism, nor forward into the facade of freedom that is being offered to the world today - a freedom that in reality is the most maniacal communism ever conceived on planet earth. Backward or forward, each leads us into the arms of the anti-life that the Bogomils so wanted to infect the Bulgars and Slavs with. We must go only where our instinct and nature tells us. And we must find leaders who represent our inner feelings. The Magic of the Power patiently waits for us to reconnect to all that we have lost. 
But know this: The Decay has no real power of its own. It exists only by our own weakness and jealousy. Confronted by the clean natural expression of God's grace within us, it evaporates. It cannot exist when a people, a family, a marriage, a friendship, is natural. When the Slavic people once again express God in their lives, in their instinctual living, they create a natural force field -- the Magic of the Power -- that at once protects them and obliterates the Decay. And they are clean. When the Slavic race allows God back into their lives they will have been reborn. The hurt and damage to the Bulgarian psyche of 500 years of Turkish domination will be gone. The monstrous Soviet decimation of the Slavic spirit -- a spirit that is one with the natural world -- will be negated, as if the demonic madness had never even existed. And the Slavic race will pull itself out of the abyss of the Decay that waits for them in the metallic jaws of the capitalistic-communistic monster that is being controlled by those who want the world to become one giant, industrialized, Godless desert.
It must not be forgotten, amid the betrayals by politicians and our own personal failures and hurt, that the Magic of the Power can be drawn into us by simply accepting God's sacred energy. The Magic is this energy. The Magic can heal a person, a family, a country, and a race of people who have endured centuries of hurt and disappointment. We learn that premonitions and instinct have truth. We learn where we feel well, we understand who are our friends and family, and who are not. The Magic of the Power lies in the silence. The Magic cleans the mind in order to destroy the Decay. The Magic of the Power will help you find the strength to make good memories for your children. 
The question that now remains is, can the old Bulgar religion return--a religion based on the Magic of the Power? A religion based on the family and the nation. A religion that abhors the cheapening of life. An active religion willing to die before it becomes tainted and twisted and corrupted. A religion that will not compromise as Christianity has. A religion of the mountains, of bread and soup and the health of walking strong within the snow. A religion of the father loving his children, of the woman returning again to her unique and supreme position of nurturer and life giver -- for it is the woman who holds the culture or lets it die. Find and elevate the courageous ones who will say NO to the Decay. And in that one word, NO, in that divine inspired word of defiance, NO, there lies the ultimate survival of the Bulgarians and the Slavic race.
You must reconnect to the rhythm, power, endurance and goodness that have emanated from the voices and the lives of the Bulgarian race. From that moment when the first horse people called Bulgars met the Slavs, a life way was built into the very bloodstream of the future children. You are those future children, you who are old and sit in the parks of Sofia, you who believe the world has passed you by. You who are young and yearn for nights in Paris or London. You must stop and go to Tirnovo and walk among the old buildings and smell the scent of old Bulgaria. And love it! You students who dream of the south of France, instead, dream of the Bulgarian God. Find the Creator in the old village trees and the farmer fields that for a thousand years fed your people. Feel the invisible aura of the long-dead Bulgarian farm women who helped a widow bring in her crops and asked for nothing in return -- in fact sang joyfully as they worked. I am not speaking with romantic idealism! No! I am speaking with the truth of the still alive spirit. I am speaking with the spirit of the rebel woman Iliica, who crossed a river into heroic Bulgarian history. She is there, waiting to give you the Magic of the Power. To make you feel at home with yourself and your Slavic heritage -- to make you feel psychically secure when you face the cold cynicism of the French man and French woman or the condescending arrogance inbred into so many of the English. You Slavs, who have endured countless Social Engineers, and are still alive, it is time you return to the embrace of God. Take hold of the Magic! Find the courage to say NO to the Decay. 
Practice respect for your people, and day by day, it will grow into a magical Power, and when the Decay knocks on your door, you will open that door and your Power will destroy the evil before it can take form in your life. This I promise you. And Bulgaria will rise to its place among the tribes and nations of this great Earth as an equal member of the human race--not arrogant, and not submissive--but with the Soul of a Bulgar man who hears God in the mountain wind and with the Soul of a Slavic woman who understands that she holds a treasure inside her and that she is God's special confidant in the sacred flowering of the universe.
Never forget little Bulgaria, how easy it is to add the letter "e" to the end of the word "Slav" in the English language.
It is easy to forget, shrouded as we are in a world of colorful lights that blind, and melodic songs that lie, that this new word is...

The End
James BraveWolf

A People Of Honor
James BraveWolf

It is a question that must be forever asked -- a question that must be forever answered. It is a question that has been silent for too long in Bulgaria.
Who loves Bulgaria?
In the swirling vortex that is present day Bulgaria, as young Bulgarians desperately try to leave their homeland for better jobs, and a seemingly better life elsewhere, the question echoes from Varna to the Rila. Who loves Bulgaria? In the dangerous maelstrom of disappearing money and uncontrollable inflation, as Bulgaria lags far behind the resurgent Poland and other former East Bloc countries, the question remains:
Who loves Bulgaria?
Recently, a Bulgarian professor was interviewed by a European news agency about the progress of Bulgaria since 1989. He told the world about the nationalistic and Slavic feelings arising in Bulgaria, and how he saw this as a dangerous trend that must be immediately destroyed. He wants Bulgaria, and Bulgarians, to completely assimilate into modern European culture -- the small idiosyncrasies that make up Bulgarian thinking and social interaction must be eradicated, for he has judged them to be an embarrassment upon the world. And incredibly, his self-hate does not stop here. Bulgarians, he believes, have become, in the last one hundred years, inherently and irredeemably corrupt. His views, as abhorrent and as dangerous as they are, are being offered to those in the world who know little or nothing about Bulgaria. They are even spread, and believed, within Bulgaria herself, where they infest the minds of a young generation so unsure of its place in this kaleidoscopic world.
And while traitorous feelings spread far and wide, the true question forever echoes down silent night streets like those of ancient Tirnovo, as it has for a thousand years.
Who loves Bulgaria?
I cannot, I will not, believe that Bulgaria is culturally backward, inferior in social and political dialogue, and unable to pull herself out of the economic morass she currently finds herself in. And so I would like to remind all those who at this very moment betray Bulgaria, and those who are passively watching their country suffering, and those, always small in number, who understand what is happening and who do love Bulgaria. I want to tell you just what Bulgaria is, and always has been. I would like to remind all Bulgarians about who they are and where they come from.
Without doubt, my historical views will be torn apart by those professors who salivate for the demonically refined, existential materialism that is the new religion of the coming Globalism. Without doubt, those who see even the most cynically metallic and arrogant cafes of Paris as containing more culturally aware people than does all of Sofia, will rise in haughty self importance to say: "Only we intellectuals should be able to tell Bulgaria what Bulgaria needs to hear."
But I shall speak.
Bulgaria, you were born on the Rooftop of the World, high in the great mountain vastness. And living with your Bulgar and Slavic ancestors, as one great tribe, were the ancestors of the Celt and Scandinavian, the Laplander and the Hungarian, the Hindu and the German, the Cossack and the Apache Indian, the Persian and so many others. Then a great cataclysm overtook the earth, thousands of years ago. When ice and wind froze your world, when great cosmic battles took place in the sky above Earth and far out in the blackness of space, you descended from the peaks, and searched the four corners for a new home. And though you became scattered, you still remembered that once you were all the same tribe, and that you shared a great sacred belief that was the very foundation which held together your tribe at the Rooftop of the World. And though so much of what you were became forgotten, or became myth, you still instinctually understood that you were a part of the creative and divine expression of a mystical power - a mystical power, which enriched the world with life and tribe, family and warmth, magic and dreams, and the promise of an afterlife of honor. If one lived in honor. 
Over many centuries, you fought to survive and keep your culture intact. You traveled far, and kept your memories of the Rooftop of the World alive beside the fire. You made friends with the wolves, and you told your children that the trees were powerful symbols of God's love for the world. And then, finally, your wanderings took you to your new homeland. And there, you once again rejuvenated the world--and the green and amber, the colors of life, flowered everywhere. And there beside the Danube and the Black Sea, high in the Vitosha mountains, in the great forests and mountains of the north, far into what is now Germany and Scandinavia you built a culture. In all these places, and in the endless plains of Ukraine, you understood the wisdom of intuition -- you had the ability to hear the spirits that followed you down from the great Himalayas. You knew that these voices were sacred, and were the energy of warriors and dreamers, farmers and builders -- these spirits were your ancestors. And you grew strong as true children of God -- part of a global tribe that has flowered the world with brilliance and nurturing for thousands of years up until this very day. You became builders of culture, creators of the powerful green and amber aura -- you were allies of the earth. Descended from the stars, you were a blessing on the earth.
Bulgaria, you are all these things that I tell you. And so, when you leave the cafe or the disco, late at night, emerging from the noise and the sickly mind-numbing lights, and you walk the streets of Sofia or Tirnovo, remember that you are bound to the spirits that haunt your tribal land. When you wish that you were anywhere but in Bulgaria, when you sit in the university lecture halls listening to your own intellectuals telling you how much you must learn from Europe, how you must rid yourself of 'Bulgarian habits', remember that you are watched over by the spirits that wait for you to carry on their traditions and dreams. When you are told to integrate yourselves and leave behind, as quickly as possible, local peculiarities that make you distinctly Bulgarian and Slavic, when academics tell you that most Bulgarians are inherently corrupt and this has roots deep in your culture, that your social behavior and public thinking are backward, and need to be changed into a more modern European model, throw this traitorous trash out of your mind! 
Begin to work for the day when Bulgaria is upright and militarily strong--work to stop the destruction of your military. For if you leave yourselves open to attack, do you think the social engineers in the great ice towers of Brussels and London, Lisbon and Paris, will protect you? Will the socialists in America and Germany, now in power, protect you? Will any of these 21st Century Globalists come to aid little Bulgaria if one of your neighboring countries decides to annex you? 
The answer is No, and will always be, No!
You have only one way to survive. Build the most awe-inspiring and efficient military -- begin by training the young to know that they are Slavs and Bulgars, first and foremost, descended from the Rooftop of the World. Begin to teach the young to understand that the whisperings of God can be heard in the trees of the Pirins, and not in the night clubs of a decaying western Europe.
Bulgaria, you have barely survived the nightmare of communist existential materialism. But the danger is not over-the predatory beast is now even stronger. Now the young, naively, or perhaps not so naively, embrace the seductive trappings of a new even more demonic form of communism called Globalism -- a tyranny which is intent on castrating Bulgarian nationalism and destroying Slavic identity in the Balkans until there is no such thing as an ethnic Bulgarian, or an ethnic Slav, left in the world. A ravenous hunger is at the doorstep of Bulgaria. It has a new face, but it has hunted in the Slavic world before. It roamed loose and arrogant, treacherous and murderous, and whispered into the ear of Stalin that Slavic farmers were worth little, if anything at all. And so in the freezing winter of 1931-1932 the Soviet Industrial Genocide of the Ukrainian people began. Tens of millions died. They starved to death. They froze to death. They were shot and thrown into ditches. They did anything they could to survive. They ate their beloved dogs. They ate their beloved dead. But still they died. And they were all Slavs, butchered like cattle. And now, the spiritual descendants of those murderers, who encircled the Ukrainian motherland that awful winter are knocking on Bulgaria's door. They come not from Moscow or Leningrad this time. They come from more sophisticated places all over the world. Their foot soldiers preach world brotherhood and universal peace -- but behind the words lies the same hatred for anything Slavic. They have made sure that the millions of Ukrainian dead are forgotten, and now bulbous with success they have come to Bulgaria. Until a great number of Bulgarians truly see the danger, and fight to preserve their country and their people, you who are alone and understand what I am trying to tell you, must heroically remember:
When you are alone in Paris or London and you desperately want to change your Slavic face, and your Slavic instinct, and become this new human being constructed by the Social Engineers, remember who you are! Remember that you are God's flowering expression of creative life. When you feel ashamed to be Bulgarian, when those who hate Bulgaria have placed an ugliness inside you, know this: 
You are loved by God.
Let the historians in the universities and the social theorists, declare that my interpretation of Bulgarian ethnic roots is no more than a fanciful myth. Let those who have defended Stalin and Lenin, Churchill and Roosevelt -- the great murderers of the Slavic race, those who brought unending rivers of pain to the Ukrainian farming people, and to all of eastern Europe - let them call my ideas fantasy. Let the ones who bow down to the social engineers - destroyers of Bulgaria's military, who one day will give Bulgaria's sovereignty over to Brussels and The Hague, deny what I am saying. Let those philosophers who are wretched communists, let the Mafioso who welcome capitalism as another way to steal from Bulgaria's soul, let them all dismiss the heroic beginning of the Bulgarian people -- this people of honor, now so torn and bleeding. But you, who yearn for something clean and for something more spiritual and Slavic, know that God watches over you, and loves you. You, who can still see the Magic of the Power within the wind of the Vitosha and in the eternal truth that is Bulgaria's Soul.
Twice before 
the world was destroyed by ravaging fire 
and the chilling cold of ice. 
And all was then silent.
Both times the tribe from the Rooftop of the World
rejuvenated the earth.
You are those people, Bulgaria.
When the Social Engineers are gone, you will rise.
I feel it. I know it to be true.
Hold on.

The End

James BraveWolf