Denying The Conversion
James BraveWolf

In the silence of the night, the fragile human communities all over the globe are being transformed, mutating into something horrifying to those of us who can still see and feel. Human communities are becoming cheap imitations of what human society once was and what it could have been. But we are told that this is necessary, that this is good, for the future will be bright and blessed. A voice now can be heard echoing all across the planet. It is the voice of the ringmaster of the global circus. From Velingrad to Berlin this sinister ringmaster shines his blinding, neon carnival light into our eyes and whispers, "Convert. Join us. Accept the emptiness and selfishness, or be destroyed."
For those of us who deny the Conversion, war has come. It is not a war in a foreign land where the cities are turned into a wasteland of rubble and pain. It is a war that is being fought within the bedrooms and kitchens all over the planet. It is a war beyond religion or nationalities, beyond artificial boundaries or natural divides, beyond resources or beliefs. This war strikes at the very heart of human society. For there is a demonic bird of prey soaring above us, hunting human Souls. Forcing us to Convert. Forcing us to deny the voice of our own Souls. Crushing us until we are no longer spiritual beings. Transforming us into irredeemable decay, our true selves destroyed. 
It is not so easy to remain free of the Conversion. You will be condemned. They will see your defiance in the way you stand, and in your deafening silence-in all that you will not let enter your mind and heart. You will know isolation. You will know great loneliness.
The Masters of Decay, those who are making the world Convert, will hate your inner strength. For you are a threat to their mediocrity and selfishness. You are a threat to their belief in the meaninglessness of life. Your very presence is a danger to the decay they are spreading.
You who are drenched in the sweat of defiance, you whose face is red and shining, you who allow your body and Soul to be what they were meant to be, you are in great danger. The Demon Bird of Prey is hovering above you. The Demon Bird sees you, brighter than all the others-and searches for your weakness.
And you will feel alone. For the Decay has transformed almost all the Earth. The peasant world has been ground into nothingness and replaced by the images of the concrete gray city. Small cities that one could still live within, are now made bigger-and colder. We are now rootless, soon to become a herd of interchangeable cogs, without singular natural identity, without originality, without spiritual understanding, and without the humbleness of a soldier who has been to war and now passionately values all life. 
Now the world is in your face, thrust into you by the shrieks of fanatical university axioms that are the slogans of a new Global communism. We have become a fetid pool of inorganic, empty New-Humans who have no understanding of nurturing and warmth. New-Humans who have lost all connection to transcendence.
It is So Easy To Get Lost, now…and to become Converted.
It is so easy to become a slave to the Masters of Decay--
But we must remain standing, and ask the question: "Who takes us from our nature?"
This is the greatest question facing planet Earth today.
Who has come to take us from our nature? 
It has taken me half a lifetime to even be able to formulate the question.

In order to deny the Conversion we must know that we are being cheated. Cheated by those afraid of Transcendence. Those who hate the very miracle of life.
The Missionaries for the Masters of Decay are cheating us--those who tell us what to think, and what to believe (believe in nothing and no one, but those who let us be our most undignified selves) keep the truth from us. We are told to follow the flickering carnival lights, that there is no culture and meaning beyond the carnival lights. We are told how to dress and how to think, until we profess all that the flickering lights want us to chant. Until we are no longer Bulgarian or Romanian, no longer German or Swedish. Until we no longer believe in the concept of Soul.
And if we who deny the Conversion, find meaning, a profound spiritual belonging from gazing at a simple stonewall carefully made hundreds of years ago, we are told that this feeling is a lie! We are told that this is not the Soul-Spirit of past human dignity speaking to us, welcoming us, revealing to us a great Gift. We are told not to listen to these voices without sound.
Over and over, as all cultures are stripped of their original qualities, like pieces of bread dissolving into a pot of boiling water that is global communism, we are told not to protect the stonewall. We are told that the ways of our grandparents are wrong and have no value. We are told, and told again, to Convert-so that we will never again follow the natural urge to walk a village road at twilight, beside a stonewall--a stonewall that is so magically our "home". 
Now, with great acceleration, the human species is being altered.
Yes, it is true. We are being hunted down, those few remaining who deny the Conversion.
And we are growing tired.
Out in the City-World, where the healing green and amber light is refused entrance, sex is being injected into us like some degenerate drug. Extreme perversion becomes commonplace. People drink in the perversion until this voice is all that they can hear. And then, because they are not truly perverted at their core, they become weary of sex, and weary of contact. They can no longer bond, nor do they wish to bond. They become mentally aloof. They become tired of people. They lose faith in anything. They judge the world without feeling or sentiment. They will never heal another, nor will they allow another to heal them. And as they die inside, for no one can live long cut off from their Soul-Spirit, they spit out a poison, a cynicism, and an elitism that is suffocating the Soul-Spirit of the world. They become the agents of the Masters of Decay.
They become Converted.
That we can damage our soul is beyond doubt, I believe. That it can take refuge deep inside us, in hibernation, until we protect it, is beyond doubt, I believe. Millions of us may have had this rupture, this hibernation of the soul. Millions may not even know that they must search to find that cavern where their soul shivers and sleeps, afraid to speak. We must become the spiritual mountain climber again--listening to our intuition, looking for the clues of what happened in our past to cut us from our divinity. What happened to make our souls go into hibernation? That is the question we all must ask.
Why can we so easily be convinced to go against our own nature?
Are we breeding human beings to be an appendage to technology, and nothing more?
These Masters of Decay must be challenged.
The Masters of Decay have their own weakness. They have no roots in the earth or in the sky. They cannot take nourishment from the soil. Or from the sun. They cannot drink in the rain or the snow. And that is why they hate all things green and amber. For those are the colors of life. The Masters of Decay can only brainwash the New-Humans, in the schools and in the dance clubs-creating new missionaries who are soulless and sterile.
It is simple really, if you want to see the Conversion unfolding. First, it was industrialization, taking the peasant from the community, from the land, from all the small nuances that made peasant life rich in deeper ways than perhaps can be understood today. And once this was accomplished, by the communist tyranny and the perversion of the capitalistic experiment in the West, then the Conversion of millions followed. And those who denied the conversion were ridiculed by the Masters of Decay. Their original intuitive wisdom was gradually replaced by "the theoretical Doctrine" and "the Yearning". This new way of thinking told the young to yearn for the other land, for the world of the city beyond the village, beyond the farmer field, beyond the mountains. And the "Doctrine" told the young that only the life of the mind had value. And the young believed. And gave up their intuitive wisdom, and yearned to be someone else. 
And they became Converted.
And now today, those who have been Converted in Eastern Europe are silent when they hear the desperation of their countrymen who have been crying out in suffering since 1989. They stay silent as their country is forced into poverty for no other reason but that thieves have come in the night. Converted, they are now blind to the beauty that is their homeland. Converted, they yearn to escape. Converted, they lose sight of what it means to be Bulgarian. And so now, cut off from the land where their people have found spiritual sustenance, cut off from their own natural mind, they belong to the Masters of Decay.
The carnival lights appear attractive to those who feel they have not yet lived-- the young from Belarus and Bulgaria, from oppressed Ukraine and sleeping Russia ache inside to be seen, to live up to what is thrust upon them as attractive, to be like the new images in the new magazines. And so some strip their clothes in front of cameras, and do not realize that they are offering up more than their bodies. And it is too late when they finally realize that it is their Souls that have been exposed and damaged. In their horror of what they have done they inwardly run from themselves. They run from the ugliness they feel. And if they do not feel this natural shame and revulsion then they have already lost their souls and are only the walking dead.
Those who expose their bodies and their Souls lose their natural sexuality. Their life force has been stolen--drained from them. And these women are left empty, hard on the outside, and brittle on the inside.
And so they take off their clothes. Perhaps it is for the few Rubbles or Leva, for dollars or Deutsche Marks. And when they are done they are damaged inside. God forgives them their weakness. But on this earth do they forgive themselves? For their ancestral voice, arising from the sacred spiritual river that flows into them from the farmer fields and mountain peaks, tells them they have given away themselves to demons.
And how can they purify themselves?
Their eyes say, "I am far away. I am not myself anymore." And so they run, and run. They search in the night for the farmer fields of Bulgaria, for their grandmother and grandfather, for the nights in the kitchen, or when they read a book in bed during a summer rainstorm. They search for the fields. They run from the cities they are trapped in. They run from the glare of the harsh carnival lights of that room where they put their Soul in danger. And they hear their own voice mocking them, "Men will know what you have done--and the men who take you and do not care that you have done this, they are not good men."
But where can they run?
Which leader on earth will take them in?
Which leader has not been Converted?
The division between man and woman grows wider. Divorces spread and lonely people look for the State to help them. For they have lost their farmer's fields, their mountain walks and stonewalls. They have given up their intuitive wisdom, and now they are like newborn mechanical birds, who open their mouths in their concrete apartment nests and cry for help-for the state to see their pain and understand them. 
And that is exactly what the Masters of Decay want: divided, helpless, adrift people with no Will to think and with no passion to protect the goodness of the world.
That is how tyranny begins-with one human being at a time turning away from his Soul...
A long dead German philosopher once said that when culture decays, it becomes civilization. That when the Soul is destroyed, it is replaced by raw intellect.
Life then becomes a pool of standing water--water that becomes dirtier and dirtier, lifeless, until it is not water at all, but a gray metallic liquid that is unrecognizable. This is called Conversion. And this is what the human race is undergoing. We are the pool of water.
And so the question is for those who deny the Conversion: How are we to protect ourselves, as we travel within the shadow of this dangerous new world-a world arising and spreading as if born from the billowing pollution of an old communist factory chimney, a new world born from Western Capitalistic cynicism and hatred for all things truly spiritual.
I can offer this advice:
Try always to bring your true essence to the front of your life. That is a worthy goal. A warrior's goal. There will come a day when we will, and must, band together, like a great army, and become more than our loneliness, even more than ourselves. We will then see that we belong to an eternal fraternity, a sacred spiritual Aristocracy of the Soul--
It is time to Dream our own dreams. Before they put the whole world on medication and machines. Dream your dream and listen to your Soul's voice before the Masters of Decay convince you that any voice from within is only a sign of delusional mental illness.

The End
James BraveWolf